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Solamere Technology Group provides "live cell" confocal, intra-vital, and TIRF microscopy systems to the scientific research community. We select system components for reliability, speed and performance. Yokogawa Corp.'s CSU-10 and the newly released CSU-22 remain our choice for live cell confocal microscopy and Solamere Technology has the longest track record and one of the largest installed bases of such systems in North America. We continue to provide innovative solutions for researchers that need speed, resolution, and the lowest possible photo-toxicity.

What's New?

During the past year we have collaborated with the Werb lab at UCSF, Dept. of Anatomy, to build a system capable of > 72 hour multi-field, multi-probe confocal studies of live specimens. This system has an AOTF controlled laser array providing 405, 488, 514, 568, 647 nm laser lines. A custom computer we supplied, drives a motorized stage with piezo Z axis control for multi-field, multi-color, Z stacks over 72 hour periods, collecting Gigabytes of data on the Solamere Technology Group / UCSF system. Dr. Andrew Ewald from the Werb Lab at UCSF presented some of experimental results at this year's Cell Biology Meeting in San Francisco. You can view some sample images showing CFP, GFP, and Alexa 647 in a single specimen in the Movie page of this web site.

  "Intelligent design" and advanced imaging technology go into each system. Cameras, fast laser illumination systems, piezo-stages, emission filter wheels, beam splitters, controlled by fast acquisition software, make long-term experiments possible. Being able to study multiple microscopic fields within a single biologic specimen improves your statistical results and leverages your time and research budget.

Please feel free to call me to discuss questions, applications or possibilities related to your research endeavors.  

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